Not just another year by the bay

One year since I came to Mumbai and it has been:

1 year of fun
1 year of hard work
1 year of sheer learning
1 year of growth
1 year of being independent
1 year of being professional
1 year of survival
1 year of madness
1 year of happiness
1 year of MBA
1 year of projects
1 year of presentations
1 year of friends
1 year of Chetana
1 year of local trains
1 year of Mumbai
1 year of life…

Important Update: The post is inspired by a similar post by Tarun. If you notice, even the title is the same. When I visited his blog, the post and the title clicked me immidiately. And I thought why not use similar thing for my 1 year in Mumbai..!!! However, the idea of mentioning original author did not clicked me somehow. Maybe I could not understand the efforts Tarun had put in his post.
However, when I recieved communication from Tarun, the need to mention the name of initiator of idea clicked me. But the wrodpress thing as usual did not respond when it was supposed to. So there happened a delay of couple of days in updating.

Anyways, sorry Tarun for whatever misunderstanding that happened on the issue. And thanks a lot for the post.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Hi Dinesh,

    Thanks for blogging. Tarun had made a big issue of the 2 year – vs – 1 year in Mumbai posts. And rightly so.

    I think you should do the right thing and link to his blog – saying – “Inspired by Tarun Chandel.”

    (Do you think I can take one of your MBA text books – add two more chapters to it – change the page numbers – and get away with it? When 11 of the 17 keywords are the same and in the same order (first 9 and last 2), it is plagiarization. Hiding behind a technicality of changing all the “2″ to “1″ doesn’t make it less so. If you would have used all of your own adjectives, it wouldn’t have mattered at all. But you didn’t. (Seriously how hard is it to come up with your own set of adjectives?))

  2. अमित says:

    Hi Dinesh,

    I saw your post, and I felt really bad about it. You just copied the complete post and modified 2 to 1 capgemini to chetana!!! didn’t even tried to change the name of post. And still you didn’t wrote name of original author?

    Please don’t tell me that this is your own creation. Surely this isn’t. I hope you know about copyrights and all [specially when you have adds here. That's means you used this post for commercial use too.]

    Make sure you post his name as original author here. I hope you know the seriousness of the matter.

    All the best.

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