Happy Birthday to Me

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My Manga character

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My b’day cake


Now that my birthday is approaching, I wish someone would bring this kind of cake for me..

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Are crushes meant to be crushed…?: Part I


Before you start guessing the purpose of this post, let me clarify. I don’t have a new crush. Neither am I seeing any girl who is trying to crush me.Ok. So the story goes like this. I was waiting along with one of my friend (X) for another friend (Y) who happens to be a […]

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DNA covers the ideas


As you already know, I was in Pune for IdeaCamp. I had presented the idea about “Yellow Pages in Mobile“. DNA covered the event in their Sunday edition. They have mentioned my idea as among the featured ideas. I wish they would have also mentioned names.

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Some random notes

* Rajasthan Royals are playing extremely well and they are the strongest contestant for thr trophy. Mumbai Indians have definitely come up quite well after Sachin’s arrival and may give strong takkar to Rajasthan Royals. I’m *still* thinking about watching a live match at stadium. * I had been to IdeaCamp Pune. The event went […]

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My summer Internship

So i am supposed to write about the summer job right.. All right here it goes..Have started working in a recruitment consultany based at Vashi and having branches at Andheri and Thane. We had been to their Andheri office first day. But we did not like it very much. Btw, we signifies me and this […]

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I’m blank

Ya. I’m totally blank. I mean its so pathetic being blank. You wander out whole day. Go to a movie as rocking as “Iron Man” at a rocking place called Globas Mall in the rocking Bandra. Then you take a rocking walk with friends to Carter Road. Sip in the rocking Irish coffee at the […]

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Events lined up

Being fond of trekking and technology, I keep attending various events relatd to trekking and technology. There are few events lined up in the coming week but I’m not sure if I will be able to attend all of them due to the summer job. On 11th May, we have “4th Fort Conservation Workshop” at […]

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My summer job

I’ve started with my summer job, which is part of our curriculum and is mandatory as per Mumbai University norms. Apart from the obligation, it is something we really look forward to. So, I started with it yesterday. Want to write in detail about the two days but maybe at night or tomorrow. Feeling very […]

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