14 ways to boost self confidence

This presentation on the topic “How to boost self confidence” is part of training I gave at a professional education center in Latur. Do give your feedback on the presentation. Boosting Self confidence: 14 easy tips from Dinesh Soni

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Different angle

A teacher teaching Maths to seven-year-old Arnav asked him, “If I give you one apple and one apple and one apple, how many apples will you have?” Within a few seconds Arnav replied confidently, “Four!” The dismayed teacher was expecting an effortless correct answer (three). She was disappointed. “Maybe the child did not listen properly,” […]

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I wish…

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When did you last thank God…?


Peculiar question isn’t it? But frankly ask yourself, when did you last thank God? For the wonderful experiences he has provided you. For the good days he has presented you. And for the beautiful life he has pictured for you..!!!We often complain how bad things are and how God is torturing us. But have you […]

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A story of professionals

Here’s a very touching story. It really matches the scenario at today’s profeesionals’ homes. A man came home from work late, tired and irritated, to find his 5-year old son waiting for him at the door. SON: “Daddy, may I ask you a question?”DAD: “Yeah sure, what it is?” replied the man.SON: “Daddy, how much […]

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Teachers’ Day

Today is “Teachers’ Day”. I am recieving numerous SMSes and calls from today morning wishing me on the day. Though I’m not a professor anymore, I was into teaching for one year. I have enjoyed every single moment of my job as teaching. However, I’m not sure how enjoyable I was for my students Every […]

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Leave me Alone

Not everyone can perfect Angelina Jolie’s pout or emulate Salma Hayek’s dazzling persona, but there are millions out there who’re trying. With images of supposed perfection assaulting them from every direction, high levels of efficiency mandatory in the workplace and exacting demands in society, many youngsters are now unable to cope. They are increasingly isolating […]

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India turns 60.. Where are we..?


India turns 60. And Orkut is celebrating with us. India is among the major marketplace for orkut so they are trying to build an emotional bondage with the people of the country. Similar attempt was made during Diwali last year. Or is it just the usual google thing of introducing designer logos at various occasions?Well, […]

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Sanjay goes to jail. So what..?


Sanjay Dutt has finally got 6 year imprisonment. So what’s the big fuss about it? I didn’t want to write about this. But then the reactions I got through various blogs and media made me scribble about it. Sanjay has committed crime and he deserved the punishment. So justice has been done with him. Now […]

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A story worth Reading

A boy was born to a couple after eleven years of marriage. They were a loving couple and the boy was the gem of their eyes. When the boy was around two years old, one morning the husband saw a medicine bottle open. He was late for office so he asked his wife to cap […]

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