Vasai again…!!!


I had been to Vasai fort once again. Last time I could not see the whole fort cause of the huge size of the fort. This time I covered some more area but again I had to leave early. So maybe next time I will cover some more part.. The place seemed to have changed […]

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JAS {Just Another Sunset}


Sunrise and sunset always fscinate me. Be it from Rajgad fort, The sea shore at Puri or my flat ka balcony. This sunset I captured while moving in a train from Latur to Mumbai..

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Clicked in a click


Well, as you must have been knowing by now that I’m kinda fond of clicking things. Wherever I go, I start clicking around. It was during Barcamp that someone clicked me while I was clicking around. Just thought to share across the same with you. Comments expected

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Dancing my way


What other title I can give? As you can evidently see in the snap, it was a marriage. One of my friends Aniruddh got married last Sunday. And as the friends of the groom, we had nothing else to do than bird watching and dancing. So here you can see us dancing like there is […]

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Kalsubai trek


I had recently been to Kalsubai, the highest peak in Sahyadris. Was a great trek in all. Will soon be writing a detail travelogue of the same. For the time being, here are few snaps from the trek. Many more snaps have been uploaded to my picasa album.

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A new look


Tried this look just for a change.. Tell me your comments about it

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Mahim fort


I had been to Mahim fort on 26th January. This yesteryear glory now remains as a shelter for few slums. The fort has totally been occupied by slums and people are using it as their homes.Well, on a positive note, at least the fort is being utilised unlike others which just stand in ruins now..

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Barcamp @ Teschfest

As I said earlier, I had been to IIT for Barcamp. Due to time constraints, I could not attend whole barcamp. I could only listen to Jon Hall, Executive Director, Linux International. It ws really rejoice to listen him talking about “Use of Free softwares in Education”. Hopefully the presentation will be online very soon […]

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Snaps from Vasai Visit


Here are few snaps from my visit to Vasai fort. Hoping for your comments.

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Different Hairdo


Today I tried out a different Hairdo.. Tell me your reaction

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