DNA covers the ideas


As you already know, I was in Pune for IdeaCamp. I had presented the idea about “Yellow Pages in Mobile“. DNA covered the event in their Sunday edition. They have mentioned my idea as among the featured ideas. I wish they would have also mentioned names.

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Yellow Pages in mobile


| View | Upload your own The idea I presented at IdeaCamp Pune SlideShare Link This is the presentation I gave at IdeaCamp Pune.

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Attending IdeaCamp


Am attending IdeaCamp Pune right now. This post was created yesterday using scheduled posts.

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Yellow Pages in your mobile

This is an idea I’ve developed for Idea Camp Pune Does it happen to you that you are out with friends and you feel like having a pizza. But you don’t know where exactly pizza hut is located in the area? Well, to solve this problem, we can embed a telephone directory / yello pages […]

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Ideacamp Pune


Often our ideas remain ideas and we are not sure whom to discuss them with. You may have a great idea, but the real challenge lays in finding its appropriate application. Cohesive and divergent thinking is what is required to build ideas from scratch to working prototypes. In the process we need to discuss with […]

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Barcamp Mubai Organisers


Here is a snap of the organiser team at Barcamp Mumbai. I’m also seen in the picture, though I was not really part of the core team..

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Clicked in a click


Well, as you must have been knowing by now that I’m kinda fond of clicking things. Wherever I go, I start clicking around. It was during Barcamp that someone clicked me while I was clicking around. Just thought to share across the same with you. Comments expected

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The Blog, Readers and the count…!!!


It was yesterday at BlogCamp Mumbai Style, where Tarun made a comment stating If your blog gets 10 hits a day you will be labeled as failure. But isn’t it a nice thing that you are able to share your thoughts with 10 people, 10 right people, who actually want to read what you write […]

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The show goes on…!!!


The BlogCamp show I mean. Its going on. And its going great. I did never thought that a blog camp can be so much of fun. I could listen to many nice contents by numerous speakers. And could manage to connect with few people, exchanged ideas and learned new things. Am trying to upload few […]

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Blogging Live

Am blogging live from the venue of Blogcamp Mumbai Style. Its here in IIT Powai. The event started few minutes back with a session by Rashmi Bansal, Editor of JAM Magazine. And its going great..Will keep blogging live. Stay Tuned.

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