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When the GODs meet virus


Even the God’s own website could not save itself from virus. The site throws this malware warning.

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Large Hadron Collider on google


The best google logo according to me in recent times, celebrating the successful launch of Large Hadron Collider.The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world’s largest and highest-energy particle accelerator complex, intended to collide opposing beams of protons charged with approximately 7 TeV of energy. Its main purpose is to explore the validity and limitations […]

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Difference in American, British, Australian and Candians

Australians: Dislike being mistaken for Pommies (Brits) when abroad. Canadians: Are rather indignant about being mistaken for Americans when abroad. Americans: Encourage being mistaken for Canadians when abroad. Brits: Can’t possibly be mistaken for anyone else when abroad. Australians: Believe you should look out for your mates. Brits: Believe that you should look out for […]

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Time to use eco-friendly idols..

Liked the video? Want to spread awareness among your orkut friends? Instructions : Copy the Code given below.Go to orkut Friend’s scrapbook.Paste the Code There.Click on SubmitEnjoy !! Copy This Code: (Click to Select ,then Ctrl+C to copy)Get This | Send to Friend

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Happy Teachers’ Day!!!


Here’s wishing a very happy teachers’ Day to all those who have walked by my life, teaching me a new lesson about my life. My parents, all my teachers, my friends, colleagues, classmates, associates, bosses, casual passer bys.. Everyone has taught me some new things in my life. Thanks everyone.And most importantly, Thank you God […]

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a small review of mobile4mumbai

My friend raxit and his friends have developed an application name Mobile for Mumbai that will assist in finding the BEST bus from a particular stop to another stop in Mumbai. I’m among the earlybirds to have tried and tested this app. Here’s a short review from my side about the app. The application is […]

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Happy Birthday to Me

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Innovative prayers by childen

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Orkut introduces SMS alert


Did you check out latest feature by orkut? SMS alert for the scraps. I tried it out but did not work out for me. My SMS limit is currently zero. Maybe it will start working from month 2.

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My Manga character

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