Innovative prayers by childen

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Orkut introduces SMS alert


Did you check out latest feature by orkut? SMS alert for the scraps. I tried it out but did not work out for me. My SMS limit is currently zero. Maybe it will start working from month 2.

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My Manga character

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My b’day cake


Now that my birthday is approaching, I wish someone would bring this kind of cake for me..

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I phone for 10000 bucks


Yesterday’s newspaper (17th August) has a special advertisement. It says E-phone for Rs 9999/- The model looks exactly like an Iphone. And check the tagline “Twice as faster, half the price“. Definitely aimed at iphone.

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Orkut India theme


Did you check out the new theme by orkut dedicated to India? It just rocks man. It has our national flag and it says “Proud of you Abhinav Bindra”. Here’s a screen shot for you..

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Are crushes meant to be crushed…?: Part I


Before you start guessing the purpose of this post, let me clarify. I don’t have a new crush. Neither am I seeing any girl who is trying to crush me.Ok. So the story goes like this. I was waiting along with one of my friend (X) for another friend (Y) who happens to be a […]

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Happy Birthday India

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A Great Animated Orkut Scrap for Independence Day – Jai Hind !!


A Great Animated Scrap for Independence Day Which you can Use in Orkut Scraps For Your Orkut Friends. Screenshot : Instructions : Copy the Code given below. Go to orkut Friend’s scrapbook. Paste the Code There. Click on Submit Enjoy !! Copy This Code: (Click to Select ,then Ctrl+C to copy) Get This | Send […]

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Why so serious..?


For all those who loved “Dark Knight”. With special thanks from Vivek Khandelwal

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