A tribute to nice guys

I got this as a forwarded mail. And I found it worth sharing with all the “nice guys” around reading my blog. Its a bit too long but worth spending few minutes. This is a tribute to the nice guys. The nice guys that finish last, that never become more than friends, that endure hours […]

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I’m bored

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The immortal 600


Well, I’m not exactly writing a book or anything.. But I’m just celebrating the 600th post on my blog. Hurray.. I finally managed to put up 600 pathetic posts to my blog. Party time…!!!

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First day of summer


Google is celebrating fist day of summer with this logo. I don’t know how much sense it makes to display this logo at Indian domain cause this is not the first day of summer for India or for that matter all Asian countries. I think they should put this logo only for US and Canada […]

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Twitter is down

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The world according to US people


This came to me through a mail. Really loved it..

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The dream that was….

Dream is one of the weirdest thing in this world. And here I’m talking about the dreams which we see with closed eyes in sleep. Of course other dreams are also kinda weird at times but I prefer to talk about them later on.So coming back to the point, dreams is one of the most […]

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IITB students launch Indian digg


More commonly, the site wurlpool.com launched by Vivek and Rakesh can be called as Indian version of Diggit. But having a close view and after talks with Vivek, I’m sure this site is gonna be lot more than just basic content aggregater. Anyway, I won’t break the suspense about the site. You can just visit […]

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My best friend’s wedding: which I broke down

The story is about one of my best friend, whose name I would like to keep secret as of now. By the end of the post, you may realize who he is. And if you don’t, then anyways I wanted to keep it secret. So its fine.So this friend of mine who owns a software […]

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The IT obsession

Two IT guys were chatting in a pub after work. “Guess what, mate,” says the first IT guy, “yesterday, I met this gorgeous blonde girl in a bar.”“What did you do?” says the other IT guy.“Well, I invited her over to my place, we had a couple of drinks, we got into the mood and […]

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