Award winning print ad


Check out this ad. One of the best you might have come across..

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When did you last thank God…?


Peculiar question isn’t it? But frankly ask yourself, when did you last thank God? For the wonderful experiences he has provided you. For the good days he has presented you. And for the beautiful life he has pictured for you..!!!We often complain how bad things are and how God is torturing us. But have you […]

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No smoking…


Will you dare smoke again..?

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On fire


Quite an unusual snap I know. This snap was taken from local train. Few houses alongside the railway lines were on fire.. Horrible scene..

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Exam Time…!!!


Remember those days..

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Happy Valentine’s Day


Dedicated to all the geeks around. Those who love their computers more than the girls around

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The light is gone…!!!


The light that lightened up lakhs of lives in and around Maharashtra has left us. Baba Amte has left the world, leaving his lakhs of fans shocked and wordless. I don’t remember when was last time I was so nervous about any death. Baba, in his 94th year, was still a ray of light for […]

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Marathi poem worth reading


A very beautiful Marathi poem sent to me by a friend.. Worth a read for sure..

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Woman in your life

This mail was sent to me by a friend. Its a message for guys who want a working girl as their bride. Worth a read. Tomorrow you may get a working woman, but you should marry her with these facts as well. Here is a girl, who is as much educated as you are;Who is […]

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What a week..

Ohh.. The week is over. What a fun filled week that was. We had our annual sports and cultural events in this week. We call it “Chetana Week”. Though the event was ok ok type, we surely had lot of fun with friends. Talking about participations. I participated in Table Tennis competition. And lost in […]

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