इन्द्र्धनुष्याचे रंग आहेत आणि पारिजातकाचा वास आहेआपल्या मैत्रीमध्ये बरेच काही खास आहे मी म्हणजे जीवन आणि तु म्हणजे श्वास आहेआपल्या मैत्रीमध्ये बरेच काही खास आहे संकटांची नाही भिती, तुझ्या मैत्रीचा विश्वास आहेआपल्या मैत्रीमध्ये बरेच काही खास आहे कधी वाटते फक्त तुझी मैत्री सच्ची, बाकी दुनिया नुसता आभास आहेआपल्या मैत्रीमध्ये बरेच काही खास आहे हवे काय […]

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My photography

These days I’m not writing much on this blog. I now you people must be awaiting for me. Don’t worry. I will definitely be here more fequently. And that forms a major part of my New year resolution.I’m concentrating a little on photography these days. That’s one thing I’m terribaly bad at. (To let you […]

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Trekking.. My passion

As many of you must be already knowing, creating video is one of my most favorite hobby and pastime. Here is a video i had created way back in 2005. Its about the treks I had done during my engineering days. Hope you will find it interesting..:-)

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My College


That’s my graduation college. MIT Pune..

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Smile.. That’s what we call it as..!!!


Uff.. That innoscent smile.. We have lost it somewhere and these two kids remind me of our loss…!!!

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Thodasa aasman..

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Ways to look busy


1. Always have multiple projects going. That way if your boss starts to wonder why you’re falling behind on one project, you can tell him that you’ve been catching up on another. 2. Create the illusion of furious activity whenever possible. Never have a clean desk. Fill your work area with several projects that you […]

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Its 5 AM

Yup.. Its 5 AM and I’m still studying.. Time is keeping me too bound these days.. We have 11 subjects and the exams are going on.. The exams will go on till 15th Dec.. Will catch up with you after the exams..C ya till then..

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Expecting baby


Yup.. you read it right.. We are expecting two babies in our room..

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I know it had been long time since I managed to think and scibble up omething on my blog. The life is traveing at a very high pace these days and ‘m just unable to manage some time to sit down andt ype my thoughts. Still, I’ trying to keep this place active at the […]

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