Career options in army to be illustrated at school level


The Delhi government is planning to start a programme on career options for school students at secondary and senior secondary levels. The Education Department would take help from the Indian Air Force (IAF) to make students aware of various the career options available in the armed forces, particularly the IAF. The IAF will coordinate the […]

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Cricket Fever


None likes to talk of the world cup these days. This has been the most boring world cup ever. It may be because of India’s early way out from the series. Or may be due to the long lasting schedule of the super eight matches.. But now with the semi finals, the discussions have again […]

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Hi,My name is Chintu and I am a 7 months old monkey. The sidebar –> is my new home. Don’t worry I won’t hit you when you drop by Dinesh’s website, unless ofcourse you put mean comments. You must think I am a genius of a monkey because I can already type a post. What […]

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Google Logo


I have always been fascinated with the creativity behind the Google logos. And here is a logo published by Google on the occasion of “World Earth Day”. Once again, it has been a great creativity to make people aware of the issue of melting icebergs. Hats off to the creative team of Google.

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My friend Ankit forwarded me this nice poem. And I found it worth sharing with you all. It expresses the harsh reality of today’s world. We have time for everything but for our basic needs. We don’t have time for our emotions, for our friends and for ourselves. And only we ourselves can change this. […]

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My Convocation


My convocation took place on Tuesday, 3rd April. Did I tell you about it? Oops.. Seems I forgot!! It was ok. Very less interesting than my expectations. Only good thing was I got my degree certificate, I got a snap in convocation gown and I was with my friends after a long time.Btw, here is […]

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Tikona: My Favorite Trekking Place


It has been long since I had been to any trek. These days I’m missing the treks, the Sahyadris, the magnificient forts and the beautiful nature. When I think of treks, first fort that comes to my mind is Tikona. So here is some information about this favorite place of mine. The mountains on Deccan […]

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A snap in Loksatta


I am unable to publish anything on my blog for past few days due to heavy loadshading. And it seems he situation might continue the same way for few more days. So here is something for keep going the flow.

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Outing.. After long time


Today had been a great evening. Had been to an outing to a place “Sai”, around 8 km from Latur. I had been to this place before too. But today, we had been there for long long time.Actually, we (Me and Ghansham) were planning to watch a movie. But we didn’t get any show at […]

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CET result


The results of MBA-CET written test are out. MY CET score is 108 out of 200 (That makes 95.72 percentile). Now GD and PI is remaining which are scheduled on 25th May, 2007. Friends, wish me all the best. Hopefully, I will be in some top Management college by August, 2007. All I need is […]

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