Two places of my life..


The place where I completed my graduation The place where I’m working currently.. Both of these snaps might appear same to you. But there is some difference. Above snap is of MIT, Pune campus. And the second one is of their Latur campus..

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Thought for the day


Many of you will agree with this; specially after Valentine’s Day..

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The story behind birth of a Legend


Time: First week of February of 1986Venue: Bramhakamal (The residence of Lord Bramha and his wife Saraswati)Bramha is in a serious mood, thinking deeply about something. Saraswati: what are you thinking about?Bramha: Valentine day is approaching. I need to create something beautiful”.Saraswati: But you have already created many things. Beautiful forests, unbounded sky, splendid water […]

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First Aid for Snake Bite


First Aid Immediately Following A Snake Bite: 1. Try to safely and quickly identify the species of snake if practical. Move victim to safety. Have one person take firm command of the situation very early to improve the coordination and decision making processes. The victim’s condition is assisted with an observation that calm and competent […]

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