Innovative Rangoli


This is Rangoli during a function in our college. Well, what else were you expecting from BCA students…?

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Yahoo Smileys

Ever wondered how you post the smileys that don’t appear on the pop up list? Well here’s a list of all the codes for posting them. ;;) >:D< :-/ :”> :p :* =(( x-( :> B-) :-s #:-S >:) :(( :)) /:) =)) O:-) :-B =; |-) 8-| L-) :-& :-$ [-( :o) 8-} <:-P […]

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My best buddies


Here are two of my snaps with my best buddies.. Won’t write about them, as its gonna be a very very long job to write about them.. After all, they are so close to my heart..Me, Yogesh, Megha and Shantanu Me, Yogesh, Hardik, Shantanu, Seema and Soni

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