Microsoft tells to uninstall Netscape 8

Microsoft has alerted consumers that Netscape’s latest browser appears to break the XML rendering capabilities in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Dave Massy, a senior program manager for IE, warned users in a blog posting that after installing Netscape 8, IE will render XML files as a blank page, including XML files that have an XSLT transformation. […]

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gmail Originally uploaded by dinesh soni. It seems google is giving gmail accounts for free. So, if you wanna a gmail account, just open up your orkut page…..

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Is your boss monitoring your e-mail?

If you’re working for a U.S. company, there’s a good chance you’re being watched–and you may get fired for how you use your computer or office phone. Check out full story here and here.

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Article about my H’gad trek

There is an Online article about my trek to Harishchandragad on JAM magazine’s site. I was unaware of this fact until I searched for “Dinesh soni” on google. Check out here

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Google’s Modesty :)


search for “search engines” on google, and google’s rank comes after the lycos, altavista, yahoo search and hotbot search engines.Should we call it Google’s modesty ?? Check out here

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Google introduces personalized home pages

In what appears to be a broadside aimed at MyYahoo, Google rolled out a new feature on Thursday that lets people set up a personalized Google home page. Read complete story here.

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Shortest love story


love Originally uploaded by dinesh soni. The image says it all… Enjoy

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Bad day

Yesterday was a very bad day. We lost the Jewel of our College Dr. Shrikrishan Bhide. One of the most favourite amongst students, this 79 year legend died due to blood cancer.. Another bad news: I lost my USB and also lots of posts I created for blog. Now will have to work hard again […]

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Onscreen Keyboard


Onscreen Keyboard Originally uploaded by dinesh soni. An onscreen keyboard is in-built in Windows XP. It can be useful if you are using a tablet PC or if your keyboard goes on the blink. To access the keyboard, go to Start > Run, type OSK and press [Enter]. The keyboard opens up on your computer […]

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After my blog entry about Networking, I got a mail asking what exactly is DHCP and TCP/IP. Here is the answer. DHCPEvery computer system on a TCP/IP network is assigned a unique address known as IP address to identify a computer on the network. As the network grows, the network administrator has to keep track […]

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